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Anal sex is the fantasy of every man, but also of many women. TODAY some of the luxury escorts from Madrid that are published here talk to us about the best of anal sex. These are the escort girls who have participated to write this article.

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Anal sex is not an exclusive fantasy of men, and there are many luxury escorts in Madrid who tell us about their sexual tastes and among them is anal sex. The most daring girls when it came to talking about anal sex were the Brazilian escort.

Anal sex is also known as Greek, and although it may still be a taboo subject for many, society is increasingly open to trying new things in their sexual life.

There are many men who believe that women do not enjoy these practices, but this is not entirely the case. Of course, there are those who still have reservations about doing this practice, but there are many other women who love it, or others who, although they have not tried it yet, feel the urge to do it. In fact, speaking with many of the Madrid escorts with a profile on our website, they say that either they have tried it, or they would be willing to do so.

Many men believe that the possibility of being able to practice Greek with a girl who is not a luxury whore is not easy. And all this for not talking about it first with her partner or partner. Therefore, it is always said that one of the most important things in sex is communication. And we would be surprised by what we can achieve and get to know just by talking to our partner or lover.

Those who do not dare to talk about it with their partner or lover often believe that the only way to do these sexual practices is to resort to a whore for anal sex, and for many it is the easiest way to try it. But it is something that, according to what the girls we have spoken to tell us, if many of these men talked about it with their partners, they would realize that they could often do it with their bed partners without having to go to a Greek whore. And when they themselves have had a partner, they have found themselves in that situation.

Tips for anal sex

Greek is a sexual practice also known as anal sex. It is one of the most common fantasies among men and increasingly also among women.

Anal sex is almost as old as humans. Traditionally, anal sex has always been related to gay practices between two men, but currently it is no longer only associated with homosexual relationships. Now it is common in relationships between men and women, something highly desired among straight men who want to try this new experience.

The practice of anal sex is something unknown or taboo for many, many do not even take the step for fear of the myths about the risks that anal sex has. But with a few precautions we can enjoy this sexual practice in the same way as any other. Here you can see the risks and precautions for anal sex that are recommended to enjoy it safely:

Of course, here I mention some important risks and precautions to keep in mind when practicing anal sex:


  • Injuries: Anal sex can cause injuries to the rectum, anus, and surrounding tissues if not done properly.
  • Infections: The rectum is a place where bacteria can easily grow, which can lead to infections.
  • Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and rectum that can bleed and cause pain.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Anal sex can transmit STDs, such as HIV, genital herpes, and gonorrhea.


  • Communication: Talk to your partner about your preferences and limits before having anal sex.
  • Lubrication: Use plenty of water-based lubricant to reduce friction and prevent injuries.
  • Protection: Use condoms and latex gloves to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Hygiene: Wash your hands and anal area well before and after anal sex to prevent infections.
  • Breaks: Take breaks and rest if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Safe practice: Do not switch from anal to vaginal penetration without changing the condom or washing the penis first.
  • Posture: Avoid positions that can cause injury, such as penetrating too deeply or straining the anus.

It is important to remember that anal sex can be a pleasant and safe practice if done with caution.