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Contact to hire an escort right now . You can use your phone or WhatsApp to hire prostitutes in Madrid and Seville that we show below. If you are a professional escort and want to be part of our agency, you can fill out the corresponding form in our escort casting to work with us, or also contact by phone or whatsapp.

Below you have the different ways to contact the agency to hire luxury whores or simply to request information or to resolve your doubts about any type of question.

Forms of contact

  • By phone: +34 623 47 10 24
  • By Whatsapp: +34 623 47 10 24
  • By Email:
  • Through the contact form you have below

The fastest form of contact is of course the phone call . Here you will be attended directly by the telephone operators of our agency who carry the appointments of the escorts. They will be able to give you all the information you are looking for, solve all your doubts and are the ones that will take with you the hiring of the ladies for the time you want.

If you prefer to contact by WhatsApp , the contact will also be immediate. In the same way, you can talk to our telephone operators and hire the services you want. Few places offer this whatsapp escorts service for their clients and thanks to it many men have an easier time making an appointment at any time.

If you want an appointment for a time you can also check the availability of the girls for the desired date or solve all your doubts through email or the contact form. From this we will reply in less than 24 hours .

Where are we?

Our management site is located in Madrid , but the ladies are not welcome here. Each of them has their own private apartment to receive you.

Contact us to get information and make an appointment.

How to hire a luxury escort

To hire an escort the first thing you must do is choose the girl you like the most . You can choose your favorite escort according to her physique, the services she offers or any other feature you are looking for.

Once you have chosen the escort to hire, you just have to contact the agency through any of the contact forms we offer. In just a few minutes our telephone operators will set your appointment in motion so that in just one hour you can be with the girl you want.

The escort phones of personal luxury are not available directly to the client, but our telephone operators will be in charge of communicating with them to give them all the details of the appointment. In turn, they will keep you informed at all times.

Although it may seem somewhat complex, in reality, with a single call of a few minutes you will have your appointment confirmed and set up so that you can see in about an hour from the moment you call or at the specific time if you prefer to book in advance.

You already know how to contact and how to contract the services of an escort, now choose the city you are in and you will find all the available escorts near you.

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