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Double session Escorts

Do you want to fulfill every man’s sexual fantasies? Do it by hiring the duplex service with one of our high class escorts, and you will never forget it. If you want your girl to enjoy sex with a professional, you can look among the lesbian whores in Madrid of our agency. 

Duplex with escorts in Madrid

Madrid escort services are becoming more and more popular with male escorts in Madrid as although it is obviously more expensive than the standard escort service (approximately twice as expensive) all men have the fantasy of being with two women at once, it’s something everyone dreams about.

The escort service duplex Madrid is to have a sexual date with two escorts at once and do everything with both (of course with the limits that each of them has).

All and all we have seen porn movies in which they make duplex, in which a man is with two women. And while one kisses or caresses him, the other can make him a good natural Frenchman. Or while he is having sex with one of them, the other one can caress him or kiss his breasts.

And he could go on writing thousands of fantasies that run through every man’s morbid mind, any combination you can think of will always be attractive to a man.

Just the fact that there are two women present and naked before you is already exciting in itself. Imagine if they are also two sexually active women.

An escort duplex Madrid is a very good choice when hiring female companionship.

Difference between duplex and lesbian

Although the difference between these two services seems obvious there are still many men and women who confuse them, so I will comment on the basic difference between the Madrid escort duplex service and the Madrid lesbian escort service.

The two services have in common that they involve one man (or client) and two escorts.

But in the escort service duplex Madrid the two escorts are only for giving sexual pleasure to the man, and in the lesbian escort service Madrid besides giving pleasure to the man, between them they also have relationships and practice different fantasies between women in the presence and at the sight of the man.

The escorts, to make services duplex Madrid do not necessarily have to be bisexual, however to make services lesbian Madrid if it is essential that the escorts are both bisexual.

Duplex escort service price

Normally, the service of duplex escort Madrid has a price of double that the service with only one escort (logically the two escorts have to charge their service), but it is easy to find in the network services of duplex with escorts something cheaper, which do not reach the double of the price of the service of an escort.

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