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Madrid escort Brigitte

Classy redhead woman | Brigitte

Madrid Escort Brigitte

Brigitte, a tall and slender luxury model with a beautiful red hair.    

Luxury redhead escort

Redhead escort companion in Madrid. Crimson mane, white skin, and brown eyes.

Escort hostess and luxury model of Hispanic-French nationality, 1.72 tall. I like to have many friends and have dates of all kinds, all of them are amazed with their qualities, both physical and personality.

I love parties, romantic dinners and is willing to accompany you on all kinds of dates or events. If you are looking for a different luxury escort in Madrid you have to meet me.


Name: Brigitte
Height: 1,72 
Age: 29
Eyes: Brown eye
Nacionality: Spanish-French
Languages: Spanish, Native French and high level English




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Escort Madrid pelirroja Brigitte

Escort stewardess and company lady

I was born in France and came to Madrid (Spain) to work as a stewardess and as a professional model, also to meet and have fun with open-minded men and women to enjoy Madrid and good company. I am a young girl with reddish hair who likes to have fun in company.

I am an open and extroverted woman. I like meeting new people and going to different places. Enjoy all kinds of environments and appointments. As a stewardess I have seen half the world, I have been to conferences and luxury events, and I love this lifestyle. That’s also why I have to take care of my body and dedicate time to sports.

How good French I am romantic, very sensual and lover of luxury. A passionate woman who likes to have a good time.

Red-haired European escort

In Madrid there are few escort escorts who offer you a luxury date like me. If you are looking for a good company to have a good time, we can meet any afternoon or weekend and if you are a foreigner we can even talk in English or French, however you feel most comfortable.

My red hair contrasts with my white skin, and that gives me a unique and special touch. I like contrasts and draw attention.

If you are looking for something different with an elegant European touch, I am the best company you can have. We will have a great time together, whether you are a man or a woman.

I consider myself a special company escort, different from the rest who only seeks to have fun and spend a pleasant and unforgettable evening. I have other friends who are also looking to meet people and who could stay with us if you wish, she is a very fun Argentine escort companion in Madrid and with whom we can have a great time.

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