Mature mexican escort | Jacky

Jacky is a 34 year old luxury escort recently arrived from Mexico to Madrid.

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34 years old Mexican woman

Jacky is a Mexican-born escort who has traveled all over the world. Now she has decided to spend some time in the wonderful city of Madrid and wants to make friends, meet open-minded men willing to enjoy with her our capital of Spain.

In her photos and videos she presents herself as she is (homemade photos and videos made with her cell phone). In person you can see that it is as it appears in this book.


Name: Jacky
Height: 1,58
Age: 34
Eyes: Brown eyes
Nationality: Mexican
Languages: Spanish and English high level
Measures: 98-65-95


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From Mexico to Madrid

Jacky has arrived in Madrid after a long trip around the world. She is a woman who loves to travel and meet people from all cultures. Now she has arrived in Madrid with the intention of staying in Spain for a while. And she wants to meet you and all the men who want to have fun with her.

She is a one hundred percent natural luxury escort, with an affable character and a smile always drawn on her lips. With her it is easy to enjoy life. She is available to be your companion from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. You choose the time.

Her personality is a mixture of elegance and charisma always with a pinch of healthy madness. She is a sociable woman, polite and always looking to please her companions.

Parties, dinners and events

Jacky’s hobbies include romantic dinners, luxury events and parties of any kind. She speaks English at a high level.

But all these hobbies she prefers to do in the company of a liberal and open-minded man who seeks, like her, to enjoy life to the fullest and without limits. Her life is a continuous adventure and she wants to keep it that way.

If you like her photos, her videos and what she says here about herself, don’t hesitate to call and meet her. It’s worth it.

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