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Madrid Escort Yolanda

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Yolanda is a luxury escort in Madrid who has come to the capital of Spain to meet new people and have a good time getting to know different places and living unique experiences.

She has the body of a model, and as an escort 90 60 90 she has also had jobs as a model. She is 1.80 meters tall and has a body with perfect measurements that have helped her do many jobs as such and for this reason she also continues to take care of her body like no one else.

Yolanda is a young escort with dark hair and an overwhelming personality that will dazzle you from the first moment. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with her. you will have a great time.


Name: Yolanda
Height: 1.80
Age: 31
Eyes: Brown eyes
Nationality: Spanish
Languages: Spanish 
Measurements: 90-60-90 




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The ideal Spanish escort

Yolanda is one of the Spanish escorts in Madrid with more than a good time that you can meet. A company lady willing to accompany you to the end of the world in order to have a good time.

She takes care of her body to the fullest for her work as a model, which makes her 31 years old look like she is 20. Lover of sports and good food, they make it easy for her to have that 90-60-90.

When she has worked as a model she has met many interesting people, and now she wants to continue meeting many more. It is something that amuses her and with which she does not stop living new adventures.

A mature woman in a young girl’s body, dark and 1.80m tall. But what you will like the most will be the way she is. An outgoing girl with whom you will want to have more than one date.

Don’t think about it anymore and if you want to meet a woman with a 10 body this is your chance. If you want a companion for any date or event, Yolanda is the ideal escort.

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