Young Peruvian luxury escort | Ivana

Ivana is a 24 year old Peruvian escort in Madrid, with a beautiful exotic face. Elegant and classy.

Joven muy linda en lencería de lujo. Ivana
Escort lujo vestida de blanco muestro su bonita cara. Ivana
Escort de lujo peruana con un traje de noche negro precioso. Ivana
Peruana en Madrid se hace un selfie en el baño en lencería negra. Ivana
Escort de lujo peruana preciosa. Ivana
Joven llegada desde Perú posa en lencería blanca. Ivana

Young and very beautiful Peruvian girl

You are in front of one of the most beautiful escorts you can find in Madrid.

Ivana is a Peruvian escort, she lives in Madrid. She is a young university student who has entered the world of luxury escorts to meet men, women and couples who want to have fun with her.

A beautiful young woman with a beautiful face, with big hazel eyes. And an exquisite elegance.


Name: Ivana
Height: 1.62
Age: 24 years old
Eyes: Hazel eyes
Nacionlity: Peruvian
Languages: Spanish and  high level English
Measures: 95-62-90 

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Acompañante latina en Madrid posa en lencería. Ivana
Modelo peruana muestra su rostro exótico. Ivana
Acompañante latina joven cenando con amigo. Ivana
Escort de lujo peruana en lencería muy sexy. Ivana

University girl and companion

Ivana is a beautiful escort who came from Peru to Madrid to study a university degree and settle down to have a new life here in Spain. Now she has joined the world of luxury escorts to meet people and enjoy the wonders that Madrid has to offer.

In addition to Spanish, she speaks English to a high level. Her personality is a mixture of elegance, charisma and sympathy. She is a very sociable young woman, she loves open-minded people and is always ready to enjoy life. She has an exquisite education. She wants to meet people and make new friends.

She likes to enjoy romantic dinners, luxury events of any kind, shopping and any activity in good company. She also enjoys erotic literature which allows her to delve into exciting stories.

She has a beautiful apartment in the best area of the Salamanca neighborhood.

Elegant and friendly escort

Ivana loves to travel, whether it is to visit the beautiful villages of the community of Madrid or any other province of Spain. She is in love with our country. And she has a friendly personality and an elegant style.

Her favourite plans include: visiting the city, going out for lunch or dinner, going sightseeing, relaxing in a spa, etc. You can also propose other plans to her, as long as they are in good company, she is sure to accept them.

Ivana is looking for solvent men, open-minded women and fun couples without taboos. You can all enjoy a luxury escort with an exquisite beauty.

In short, Ivana is a 24 year old girl with multiple interests and always ready to enjoy all the experiences that life has to offer.

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