Two escorts close friends | Naomi & Valeria

Two close friends to accompany you both together. They get along with each other in everything.

Two escort friends together

If you like to be accompanied by a luxury escort, imagine what it will be like to be accompanied by two. Going with two intimate women who are friends with each other, this is the time to try it.  Naomi and Valeria are two luxury escorts specialized in accompanying high-level executive men..

Naomi and Valeria love women, so they always go together everywhere, in this case you can go with them too.

I assure you that the three of you will have a great time.


Name: Naomi and Valeria
Height: 1,62 and 1,70
Age : 25 and 28
Eyes: Black and Green
Nacionality: Spanish and latin
Languages: Spanish and English

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Two friends to go out with you

If you are a man who wants to share your hobbies and tastes with more than one woman, here you have two close friends willing to go together with you. You can take them to any party or event and the three of you will have a great time together. Try Naomi and Valeria, the two of them together, the two of them for you. If you have ever had two companions with you, you will know how much fun it is and the unforgettable situations that can occur. And if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time, you’re going to be amazed when you try it.

They are two young beauties, open-minded and eager to meet men and meet them. They are two very pretty and special young ladies. They are looking for fun and adventure in Madrid, are you looking for the same?

They are incredible, gorgeous, elegant and dedicated. Naomi and Valeria are always willing and ready to accompany you to events of any kind. There is nothing more beautiful than two women close friends. You must try now, you will have an unforgettable memory for a long time.

There are not many luxury escorts in Madrid who accompany both together, but here you have two who do.

Date a luxury whim and try them.

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