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Outcalls to Madrid hotels

Are you looking for an escort for your hotel? All these escorts are available to visit you at any hotel in Madrid.

Where the escorts do their services Madrid

The escorts in Madrid can offer their services in different places, either by moving themselves or by the client. Meetings with the escorts in Madrid can take place in the following way:

  • Escort for Hotel Madrid
  • Vip whores at home
  • Escorts in rooms by the hour
  • Escorts with own flat
  • Chalet or floor of the escort agency

There is also the option for the client to choose a specific place where he wants to have his appointment with the escort, in this case both would go to the place of the appointment.

These are the main options used by the Madrid escorts to make a service with a client. But not all the girls are available to perform all these services. Therefore, we have gathered on this page all those escorts available to go to your hotel to enjoy your date.

Escort for Hotel Madrid

One of the most common cases is that of an escort for Hotel Madrid. There are many business men and executives who take advantage of their business trips to the capital to indulge in a whim and spend some time after work with an escort to relax a little. And these clients tend to stay in good hotels in Madrid, so to avoid having to travel they ask the escort to go to their hotel.

There are also some escort clients who, even if they are staying in a good hotel in the capital, prefer to visit the escort in her flat or private apartment. why? for basically two reasons:

  • The first is the price of the service, if the client goes to the escort’s apartment the service is usually cheaper.
  • And the second reason is because some clients do not want the hotel reception to know that they have requested the services of an escort hotel in Madrid, I suppose to preserve their discretion.

Price of an escort service Madrid hotel

The price of an escort Madrid hotel service is usually similar to the price she charges for receiving in her private apartment, maybe a little more (about 10%). It is logical if we think that she has to go to the hotel and when the service is over she goes back home. That is time and in the end time must be charged. We all do that in our different businesses.

The service of escort Madrid hotel takes, in addition, another supplement, and is the one of the displacement, that is to say, the price that charges the taxi driver, the private driver of the escort or the driver of the agency, and this cost in Madrid capital usually oscillates between 20 and 30 euros if it is a question of a hotel in Madrid capital.

On the other hand if it is a town the cost of the displacement can vary very much, I can even take to the 100 euros if it is a question of a town far from the capital. It is important in the services of hotel whores Madrid leave well closed the total price of the service including travel to not have problems when the escort arrives at the hotel.

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